LinkedIn Social Selling Course

Set up and manage the best social selling strategies, find new contacts via LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Discover the programme!

LinkedIn Ads Course

How to manage advertising campaigns on LinkedIn to achieve your business goals.

SME Web Marketing Course

Do you want to learn about online marketing tools and develop a strategy to grow your brand online? Find out with the SME Web Marketing training course!

SEO Course

From the concept of Organic Search to On and Off Page optimisation strategies and techniques: how to set up an SEO campaign to improve your online visibility.

Google ADS Course

In this course, we will analyse the dynamics behind Pay per Click campaigns and Search Engine Advertising, as well as techniques for advertising with Google Ads, on the search network (Paid Search) and GDN (Display Advertising).

Google Analytics Course

Measurability of results and data-centricity: these are the two main advantages of online marketing over offline marketing.