LinkedIn Professional Branding Course

How to develop an active and strategic presence that allows you to develop relationships on LinkedIn

In this course, we will help you optimise your private and/or company profile and create your network of contacts. You will also be able to understand what is the best content to interact with and how to publish effective posts.

Who is it aimed at?

  • The course is aimed at companies and professionals who wish to acquire or improve their skills in the operational management of Linkedin campaigns.
  • The course ranges from beginner to advanced level. You need to have a basic knowledge of posting and page management, but it is not essential to have specific skills in managing a LinkedIn advertising account.
  • The course will be extremely practical, which is why we recommend that you have administrative/editor access to your company Linkedin page in order to familiarise yourself with the platform and its functions in a simple and direct manner.


The course lasts for 8 hours, and can be held either in person or online in lessons divided into 3 2-hour sessions.

The programme

Focus on LinkedIn presence

  • Being on LinkedIn
  • Your visibility today and how to increase it
  • LinkedIn SEO: being found on LinkedIn
  • The essential parts of an effective profile
  • Alignment with corporate presence
  • Public profile and privacy settings
  • How networks work on LinkedIn
  • Contact management and strategic links
  • Messaging to develop relationships
  • Interacting with company content, colleagues and other members
  • Publish effective posts strategically

Analysis and Monitoring

Monitoring and analysing the effectiveness of content (what data to analyse and why).

Customer case study

The whole course will be based on the client’s practical case.



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LinkedIn Professional Branding Course