SEO Course

Why integrate your marketing strategy with an SEO activity? And how to use it effectively to achieve your business goals?

In this course, we will cover all the steps (theoretical and practical) involved in setting up an SEO campaign and improving your online visibility: from the concept of Organic Search to On and Off Page optimisation strategies and techniques.

Who is it aimed at?

  • The course is aimed at companies and professionals who wish to acquire or improve their skills in the field of Search Engine Optimisation, from Keyword Research analysis to the definition of web architecture from an SEO perspective, through to On and Off Page optimisation.
  • The course is at Intermediate level, so you should already have a basic knowledge of the concept of online research, but in-depth technical skills are not required.
  • The course will be extremely practical. We recommend that you bring your own PC so that you can take part in the practical exercises aimed at becoming familiar with the tools and their functions in a simple and direct way.


The course lasts for 8 hours, with the possibility of splitting it into 2 days (4+4 hours).

The programme

General overview of the concepts of Organic Search and Search Engine Optimisation.

Keyword analysis

  • Preliminary brainstorming (hypothesis of relevant search terms, competitor analysis on the web, target geographical areas)
  • Keyword analysis tools
  • The 3 types of keywords (navigational, informational, transactional)
  • The final selection of keywords

Study of competition and competitors

  • The main factors to consider when analysing the competition and assessing the positioning potential for the selected keywords (Keyword Difficulty)
  • SEO tools for studying competition

Creation / modification of the architecture of your own website in relation to keyword analysis and the study of competition

On Page Optimisation

  • The main On Page Optimisation factors (title, description, headings…)
  • SEO copywriting: writing (also) for search engines
  • The importance of images and videos
  • Outline of internal linking

Off Page Optimisation

  • The value of backlinks and tools to monitor them
  • Link acquisition strategies
  • The role of social networks
  • Outline of the concept of penalisation

Customer case study

  • The whole course will be based on the client’s practical case
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SEO Course